News Nov 27 2015

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The minutes of the October meeting of Westwood Parish Council have been published on the Parish Council web page  Please note the DRAFT minutes of the November meeting have also been published


How many people visit the website?

I have added a link to which is a service that records visitors to the web site. It can also record a lot more. Scroll down the About page for Cookies for the link  Stats  


Footpath Freshford to Westwood

Please be advised that the works to improve the Freshford BA12/5 footpath have now been completed and the path is open. There is some fencing to repair and a minor tidy up but apart from that everything  has been done.

 As you are aware most of the work involved was to install gabion baskets under the surface of the footpath,  in order to stabilise the surface. These cannot be seen.   The overhanging branches and vegetation have been cut back and this has widened the footpath and will hopefully let more light in. The footpath has been levelled out as much as possible.

 Unfortunately, as this  footpath is prone to flooding it is not possible to stone the surface as it would get washed away into the river.

Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire

Neighbourhood Plan

Reminder: All parishioners should have received a questionnaire delivered to them  which they were asked to complete after going to a meeting arranged by the Westwood Neighbourhood Plan Steering  Group (NPSG)

If you did not receive the questionnaire please contact the NPSG using the Contact form on this website supplying your name and address and a questionnaire will be delivered to you.

Please note that completed questionnaires can be handed in at the Westwood Shop/Post Office.
Website Update

Website Update

The website has been updated. For some time there has been a shortage of memory due to the large size of the accumulated Minutes. For example, 2011's Minutes consist of 94 A4 pages of data.

The site's Search tool has also been affected, this should be fully operational now as several years' Minutes have been removed and republished as PDF files.

The Parish of Westwood

The parish of Westwood lies at the western extremity of Wiltshire, a mile to the south-west of Bradford-on-Avon, and stretches about 2.5 km from west to east and 1.5 km from north to south. It occupies an angle formed by the northward-flowing River Frome and the westward-flowing Bristol Avon; these rivers form its southern and northern boundaries, respectively. It includes five smaller settlements, Lower Westwood near the centre, Upper Westwood and Avoncliff to the north, Lye Green to the north-east, and the hamlet of Iford (which straddles the county boundary with Somerset) to the south-west. Since the Second World War, new housing development has created a 'Middle Westwood' in the fields between Upper and Lower Westwood. On the south-west and west, the parish adjoins Somerset and Avon.

The derivation of the place name is easy to guess, reflecting the former thick cover of woodland and its position as the 'western wood' of the Saxon royal estate of Bradford. The name has changed little over the centuries; it was 'Westwuda' in A.D. 987. Avoncliff (called 'Ancliff' in earlier times), as might be expected, stands on a limestone outcrop on a steep hillside above the Avon valley. Westwood is situated on the limestone plateau, and the clay soils were used for arable cultivation until the nineteenth century, since when pastoral farming, and particularly dairying, have predominated. To continue reading visit: Wiltshire Council Community pages and select Comprehensive View.



Saturday, 28 November 2015 11am-2pm

Westwood Social Club

Stalls!  Tombola!   Raffle!

                     Children's Lucky dip & Face-painting


                    Lunches & Refreshments Available


Come & enjoy the fun!!

Admission @ £1 Children free

All proceeds to Westwood Church Funds Thank you!

Help on the day would be much appreciated, and donations are always welcome, cakes, preserves, prizes etc, to be taken to Betty Hancock 17 Boswell Road, or Lesley Chalmers, Badgers, Lower Westwood on the morning of the Bazaar or the day beforehand.



Aid Refugee Children

Venue - Westwood Social Club

Friday 11.12.15 - 19:30 onwards.

Collection think “warmth for winter” & funds to help transfer items over to camps & buy food/medical supplies …

Blankets/sleeping bags/tents/clothes/footwear …

Small polythene bags of outfits with the age of the child stated, are proving most especially useful in the Greek Islands (I am told by the volunteers at the camps) - - - Once hauled out of the sea the children can then quickly take off wet clothes & put on the dry ones from these packs volunteers just grab an age-appropriate pack - - also is a personal touch direct from you to them if made up by yourself.

Photographs attached separately they may not be suitable for very young children.

Contact : Stella (GP) 07919 655622

Westwood School Fair poster

Thank You from the Scarecrow Organisers!


We’d like to say a big thank you to Westwood Village for supporting our scarecrow trail.  Particular thanks go to all at Costcutters Shop for their enthusiastic map selling and to the Social Club for allowing us to use the car park we really couldn’t do it without you! 


Huge thanks also to our scarecrow makers and hosts yet again, we were amazed and delighted with your wonderful scarecrows.    


Without all this support, we could not have raised our record breaking total of £1461.  This is a fabulous amount to share between Westwood Nursery and Westwood with Iford School. The nursery plans to spend the money on continued improvements to the outdoor space and the school is looking forward to putting the money towards new playground equipment.


We received some lovely feedback about the quality of the scarecrows and how much people enjoyed the trail. People came from far and wide - Bath, Bristol, Wales and London to name a few!  If there are any scarecrows you couldn't work out, the answers are available on the school and nursery websites along with the winners.


Westwood map 1896

Unsolicited telephone (cold) calls and mail

Unsolicited (cold) calls and mail

Unsolicited (cold) calls and mail are not only a nuisance, but can also lead to pressured sales and sub-standard goods being sold at premium prices. To avoid unsolicited sales calls and mail in the future you should remove your personal details from any sales lists. This can be done by: Registering with the Telephone Preference Service. This is a free service. Registration can be made on line<> or by telephoning 0845 070 0707.


Registering with the Mailing Preference Service.

This is a free service. Registration can be made on line<> or by phone to 0845 703


Electoral Registers.

Electoral registers are updated each Autumn and are lists of all the names and

addresses of everyone who is eligible to vote. There are two editions of the

registers; a full register which is used for elections, preventing and detecting

crime and checking applications for loan or credit and the edited register which

is publically available for marketing and any other commercial activities. When

renewal notices arrive, consider only registering for the full register by

opting out of the edited register. Further information can be found on<




New Content

Website updates

Please note that material is posted to this website within hours if not minutes of it being received

Westwod Update

Westwood Update Dec/Jan 2015/16

The news from the current version of Westwood Update No 119 has been added to the website. News items are published in the appropriate categories. Please do not overlook the links to other pages on the Community web page in the left column. The most recent new page is Westwood Parish Rooms. There is also a News from the Churchwardens page, which might include news about the Parish Rooms and events.

Diary Note: Westwood Parish Christmas Bazaar, Saturday 28th November, 11-2pm the Social Club

Contact local police

For all non emergency calls to the police phone 101.

The telephone company will determine where the call is being made from and direct the caller to the local police for that area. For further information visit: Police UK

This works anywhere in the UK. If you are phoning outside of Wiltshire to report to your local police call 2012 your call will be redirected by the operator to your local police.


Local travel news

The link below is to a Wiltshire Times webpage which has a map centred on Trowbridge but extends to Bath, Chippenham, Frome, Shepton Mallet and Warminster. There is a list of Latest Incidents.

Live traffic and travel news