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Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held in the Parish Room, Westwood, at 7.30pm on Tuesday 24 April 2012.




Allan Parker                          Chairman, Westwood Parish Council.

Roger Coleman                   Clerk.



Parish Councillors S Higgs and R Howard-Evans attended the meeting.



There were five members of the public present including parish councillors.


1.         Introduction and Apologies.      

The Chairman, Allan Parker, welcomed everyone to the meeting and explained the nature, and purpose, of an Annual Parish Meeting. He extended a warm welcome to the guest speaker Mr Nick McCamley.


Apologies for non-attendance were received from Parish Councillors T Biles, J Johnston and I Richardson.


Clerk’s Note.

Mr McCamley’s presentation was given immediately following Agenda item 8 but is recorded here to accord with the Agenda.


2.         Presentation by Nick Mc Camley ‘Corsham Quarries’.

Mr Mc Camley give an illustrated talk on the history and present condition of the various quarirries in the Monkton Farley/Corsham areas with a particular emphasis on the various purposes for which the mines had been employed originally extracting oolite limestone and thereafter their use as Army, Navy and RAF Ordnance Depots and Command Centres.


He illustrated his talk with photographs and drawings that enabled the audience to gain an excellent appreciation of the subject and his engaging and enthusiastic manner of presentation ensured that his talk maintained the interest and involvement of the audience.


Mr Mc Camley participated in a Question and Answer session following his presentation.


The Chairman thanked Mr Mc Camley for giving such an interesting and informative presentation.


3.         Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on 10 May 2011.

The Minutes were signed as a true and accurate record.




4.         Annual Report of the Parish Council.

The Chairman gave a full report of the work of the Council over the preceding year. A summary of the subjects covered is shown below:


·         The ’20 mph Speed Trial’ in the village, including its progress and effect on vehicle speeds and the forthcoming questionnaire.

·         Road Works, including the installation of the Virtual Pavement and the repair of badly worn road surfaces.

·         Improved road safety signage.

·         The Community Area Transport Group (CATG).

·         The Bradford on Avon Community Area Board.

·         Parish Steward.

·         Parish Council Handyman.

·         Cemetery and Closed Churchyard.

·         The proposed Jubilee Celebrations.


The Chairman concluded his report by thanking the members of the Parish Council and the Clerk for their support throughout the year.


5.         Statement on the Parish Council accounts for Year ending 31 March 2012.


a.         Accounts for the Year ending 31 March 2012.


            The Clerk gave a brief report on the Accounts for FY2011/2012. He stated that he had balanced the accounts and had completed the Annual Return and that the accounts have been submitted to the Internal Auditor who has found all matters in order. They will now be submitted to the Parish Council for approval and subsequent auditing by the External Auditor. 


He stated that the balance brought into the year was £17544.81 and the balance carried forward at the end of the year was £16794.06.


The Clerk stated that Receipts in the year totalled £12705.27 and Payments in the year totalled £13456.02.


He reported that the main Receipts in the year were:


Precept  £10500.

VAT Refund  £87

Cemetery Fees £940

Open Spaces £195 (Football Pitch).

Bank Account Interest £18.


He reported that the main Payments in the year were:


Staff Costs £4140

Open Space maintenance £3528:


-                                 Grass Cutting

-                                 Tree Works in Westwood Park

-                                 RoSPA Play Area Annual Safety Inspection/New Grass Matting. 


Cemetery/Churchyard Maintenance £1430

Village Handyman £1434

Westwood Update £529

Donations £290

Insurance/Audit Fees  £1278.

Website £243


He concluded by stating that the Fixed Assets of the Council represented around £42403 and that these were based on current insurance values and the actual cost of acquiring the Westwood Park, the Playing Field, Nursery School and Cemetery.



b.         The Clerk stated that the Internal Auditor has audited the accounts and found everything in order and the Annual Return will be submitted to the Parish Council at its next meeting for approval. The Annual Return will then be sent to Mazars, the External Auditor.


6.         Observations from the Wiltshire Councillor, Cllr. Linda Conley.


Cllr. Conleygave a report on the challenges and opportunities that arose following the formation of a single unitary authority for Wiltshire Wiltshire Council. She commented that despite significant financial savings in the budget the front-line services had been protected and a freeze on Council Tax had been possible.


She stated that she is the councillor with the ‘Waste and Recycling’ portfolio and it had been avery busy three years achieving harmonisation of waste collection and recycling strategies across the County. She explained some of the difficulties and added that some 220,000 bins are emptied each week in Wiltshire. Cllr. Conley gave details of the waste and recycling policies within Wiltshire and the plans that have been made to ensure that landfill is minimised.


She stated that she is the Wiltshire councillor for a number of parishes or villages in the Bradford on Avon rural area and that recurring themes in all villages were roads, vehicles speeding and potholes. She commented that each parish has its own particular challenges.


She concluded her report by saying how disappointing it is to have such a poor turnout of parishioners at an Annual Meeting but perhaps, in Westwood, everyone is content with their lot!


The Chairman thanked Cllr. Conley for her report.


7.         To consider resolutions of which notice has been given.

There were no resolutions.


8.         To consider other matters raised by those present.

There were no other matters raised.


There was no other business.




9.         Close.

The meeting closed at 9.20 pm.






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