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Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held in the Parish Room, Westwood, at 7.30pm on Tuesday 20 May 2008



Paul Dean (Chairman, Westwood Parish Council and Chairman of the meeting) and Parish Councillors J Beauchamp, T Biles, J Bishop, J Robertson, J Philpott and the Clerk, Roger Coleman.


Police Sergeant S Ralph and PC Martin Barrett.


There were 33 Parishioners present.


1.         Introduction and Apologies.      

The Chairman, Paul Dean, welcomed everyone to the meeting and explained the nature, and purpose, of an Annual Parish Meeting. He extended a warm welcome to the guest speaker Mr Nick Lowton and to the Neighbourhood Policing Team members - Police Sergeant S Ralph and PC Martin Barrett.

The Clerk offered apologies for non-attendance on behalf of Parish Councillors T Cox and J Johnson and District Councillors R Brown and I Martindale.


2.         Annual Report of the Parish Council.

The Chairman gave a full report of the work of the Council over the preceding year. A summary of the subjects covered is attached to these minutes.

The Chairman concluded his report by thanking his fellow councillors on the Council for their support throughout the year, the Clerk for his work and Mr John Taylor, the Internal Auditor.


3.         Statement on the Parish Council accounts for Year ending 31 March 2008.

The Clerk gave a brief report on the Accounts for FY2007/2008. He stated that he had balanced the accounts and had completed the Annual Return and that the accounts had been ‘signed off’ by the Internal Auditor and approved by the Parish Council. They were now to be sent to the External Auditor. 


He stated that the balance brought into the year was £21817.67 and the balance carried forward at the end of the year was £15628.56.


The Clerk stated that Receipts in the year totalled £14511.57 and Payments in the year totalled £20700.68.


He reported that the main Receipts in the year were:


Precept  £10000

WWDC Cemetery Grant £988

VAT Refund  £223.81

Cemetery Fees £390

Open Spaces £2218 (Football Pitch £318 and Play Area Grant £1900)

Bank Account Interest £691.76.


He reported that the main Payments in the year were:


Staff Costs £3008.14

Open Space maintenance £7454.88

-          Grass Cutting £1635

-          Downside Nurseries £848.35

-          Play Area Surface £4465

-          Hedge/Tree Cutting £315)

Cemetery Maintenance £1616.42

Village Handyman £202.04

Westwood Update £339.92

Donations £210

Insurance/Audit Fees  £1063.52.


He concluded by stating that the Fixed Assets of the Council represented £27331.83 and that these were based on current insurance values and the actual cost of acquiring the Westwood Park, the Playing Field, Nursery School and Cemetery.


4.         Observations from County and District Councillors.

There were no observations made.


Clerk’s Note:

Police Sergeant Ralph was invited to give a short presentation by the Chairman.


Police Sergeant Ralph gave a presentation on the role and duties of the Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) and explained the successes of the team and the challenges that it faces. She concluded by warning the public to remain vigilant, especially in respect of ‘opportunist’ thefts, and invited all members of the public to let the NPT know of any suspicious activity in their area.


 A short Question & Answer session followed.


The Chairman thanked PS Ralph for her presentation.


5.         Presentation by Mr Nick Lowton (Upper Farm).

The Chairman welcomed Mr Lowton and invited him to give his presentation entitled ‘Upper Farm A Renovation Project’.


Mr Lowton gave an illustrated talk on the renovation of the Upper Farm Farmhouse, the conversion of the Barn to a dwelling and the renovation and rebuilding of the other outbuildings. He explained the history of Upper Farm and described the work he undertook to restore the buildings following a period of neglect.


A short Question & Answer session followed.


The Chairman thanked Mr Lowton for giving such an interesting and informative talk.



6.         To consider resolutions of which written notice has been given.

There were no resolutions to consider.


7.         To consider other matters raised by those present.

There were no other matters raised.


8.         Any Other Business.

There was no other business.


9.         Close.

The meeting closed at 9.30 pm.






Westwood Parish Council


Westwood Parish Council


Annual Parish Meeting - Chairman's Report (FY2007 - 08)


The Parish Council owns substantial assets:


  • Playing Field.
  • Westwood Park.
  • Children’s Play Area and Play Equipment.
  • Cemetery.
  • Bus Shelter.
  • Noticeboards, Bench seats, Street Lights (in Park)


…………..all of which have to be maintained by the Parish Council from the Precept.


Parish Council activities:


12 Parish Council Meetings held.         Full Council (9 Members)


Planning Applications:                            Around 30 considered.

                                                                  (incl. many relating to Upper Farm)


Donations made by the PC:                  Westwood Garden Competition (£90)

      Westwood Flower Show (£120) Bratton Silver Band.


Westwood Update:                                 Published every two months (Total Cost - £340).


Westwood Park/Playing Field:              Maintenance (S & J Contracting 2 Year Contract)

                                                                  (Now in second year)

                                                                  Grass Cutting etc

                                                                                          £137/month in FY2007/8.

                                                                                          £146/month in FY2008/09.


      (Hedge/Tree work near Playing Field - £315).


Westwood Park Play Area:                   Replacing fence panels vandalised fencing.

      Monthly Safety Inspection (Cllr. Beauchamp)

      New Play Area Surface (£4465)

      Annual Safety Inspection (RoSPA) - £75.


Westwood Nursery School:                   Nursery School wall rebuilt (£5850).

                                                                        (This was mentioned last year, though paid for in                                                                         FY2007/08).


Cemetery:                                                Maintenance (Grass Cutting/Hedge planting etc)

      Annual Safety Inspection (Headstones).


Village Handyman:                                  Val Cooke (Many thanks etc) Looks after the                                                                      cemetery and churchyard (and immediate area).

                                                                              Handyman Work - £511

                                                                                    Cemetery Work - £1616 (Grant was £988).


Highways:                                                Potholes, Resurfacing (Avoncliff Lane)

                                                                  Cutting back hedges/trees.

                                                                  Parish Steward visiting monthly.


Footpath/Bridleway:                                Monitoring (Monthly report) and bramble                                                                     clearance, Stile repair, gravelling etc.

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