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Notice is hereby given that an Extraordinary meeting of the Westwood Parish Council will be held in the Parish Room on Tuesday 11 March 2014 at 6.00pm and you are invited to attend.



1.           Introductions and Welcome


2.           Declarations of Interest.

Councillors to declare an interest if applicable.


3.           Apologies.

To note apologies for non-attendance.


4.           Adjournment (6.05 pm to 6.15 pm approx).

The Meeting will adjourn to give members of the public present an opportunity to raise any points of interest in relation to Planning Applications 14/01535/FUL and 14/01659/FUL. The Meeting will then re-convene.


5.           Observations to be sent to Wiltshire Council.

Councillors to decide on the observations/call-in request to be sent to Wiltshire Council in respect of Planning Applications 14/01535/FUL and 14/01659/FUL.


6.           Closing Remarks (7.00pm approx).

The Chairman is to close the meeting.


Details of Planning Applications:




106b, Cottles Gardens, Lye Green

Proposed two storey side extension



Haygrove Farm

44 Lower Westwood

Demolition of existing Dutch barn, stable building and shed . Erection of a new building to contain 2 units of holiday accommodation; access and associated parking




These Planning Applications are available for public inspection immediately prior to the Parish Council meeting.






Roger Coleman

Clerk to Westwood Parish Council                                                                   5 March 2014 



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