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Minutes of the meeting of Westwood Parish Council held at the Parish Room, Farleigh Lane, Westwood at 7.30pm on Monday 9 April 2018


Cllr. J Bishop               (Chairman)

Cllr. J Johnston

Cllr. D Adcock

Cllr. J Adcock

Cllr. T Leeder

Cllr. G Mumford

Cllr. P Phillips

Cllr. M. Cartwright-Hignett (from Agenda item 4).

Mr. R Coleman           Clerk

 Wiltshire Council, Cllr. J Kidney attended.

There were five members of the public present initially.

 1.         Welcome and Introductions.

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.  

 2.         Apologies.

Apologies for non-attendance were received from PCSO Andrew MacLachlan of the Community Policing Team.

 3.         Declaration of Interests.

There were no interests declared.

 4.         Co-option of New Member.

The Council resolved unanimously to co-opt Marianne Cartwright-Hignett as a member of Westwood Parish Council.

 The newly co-opted member signed the Declaration Form which was countersigned by the Clerk.

The Clerk advised Cllr. Cartwright-Hignett that if she had disclosable interests to declare then these interests must be registered with the Wiltshire Council Monitoring Officer within twenty-eight days. The Clerk handed a copy of the Westwood Parish Council Code of Conduct, the procedure for registering interests on-line and details of the interests to be registered to Cllr. Cartwright-Hignett.

 5.         Minutes of Ordinary Parish Council Meeting held on 5 March 2018.

The Council resolved that the minutes of this meeting were a true and accurate record. The Chairman signed the minutes.

 6.         Wiltshire Council Report.

Cllr. Kidney gave a report on the following topics:

 ·         ‘Visit Salisbury’ An initiative to encourage tourist traffic.

·         Awareness of the danger of ‘ticks’ and Lymes Disease.

·         Bradford on Avon Bridge Watch Scheme and recent successes regarding prosecutions.

·         Household Recycling the need for an identification document.

·         Local Government Association Peer Review of Wiltshire Council Encouraging results.

·         Area Board meeting 23 May 2018.

·         Senior Forum meeting 12 May 2018at 2.30pm.

 7.         Adjournment.

The Chairman adjourned the meeting for members of the public to raise any points of interest.

The meeting was then reconvened.

 8.         Community Policing Team (CPT).

a.         PCSO MacLachlan had sent a brief written report to the Clerk prior to the meeting that the Clerk had sent to all councillors. This report is shown below (in italics):

 Two incidents to report for Westwood:

21/03/18 outbuilding padlock tampered with but nothing stolen.

30/03/2018 outbuilding broken in to and chain saw stolen. Both occurred in Lower Westwood.


For a detailed breakdown of the crime in your area visit…



CPT TEAM EMAIL- CPTWestWiltshire@wiltshire.pnn.police.uk

Local Contact PCSO Andrew MacLachlan andrew.maclachlan@wiltshire.pnn.police.uk

Sector Inspector Inspector Andy Fee andy.fee@wiltshire.pnn.police.uk

Sector Deputy Sergeant Gill Hughes gill.hughes@wiltshire.pnn.police.uk

Community Coordinator Pc Lee Pelling lee.pelling@wiltshire.pnn.police.uk


b.         There were no other matters reported that needed to be brought to the attention of the CPT.

 9.         Community Speed Watch (CSW)/Westwood Road Safety

Cllr. Phillips stated that the CSW Team had been undertaking patrols in Westwood but the recent poor weather had restricted their activities.

 10.       Working Groups Working Group Reports.


The Chairman stated that he had reminded Mr Downes regarding the removal of the remnants of a felled tree.


a.         The Council noted the status of extant planning applications thus.




Land at Iford Lane, Iford

New dwelling (Revised Plans)




Land North of 146 Upper Westwood

Provision of two self-contained camping pods with parking, change of use of land to leisure / tourism.(Resubmission of 17/02852/FUL).







120 Upper Westwood

Replacement Dwelling


Amended Plans submitted see below.



39 Lower Westwood

Two storey side extension, rear garage/store



 b.         The Council examined the following planning applications and resolved to send the comments (shown in italics) to Wiltshire Council:




Amended Plans

120 Upper Westwood

Replacement Dwelling



 The Parish Council objects to this proposed development for the following reasons:

 It is contrary to the National Planning Policy Framework No. 89.

  1. The proposed development represents a significant increase in size (volume and footprint) in comparison to the building it is intended to replace. It is out of scale and character and would dominate the landscape.
  2. The proposed development is located within the Green Belt and an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and is immediately adjacent to an Area of High Ecological Value. It is essential that the protection of the countryside afforded by these classifications is respected.

 The Council resolved that this planning application is to be ‘called in’ to Committee if the officer under delegated powers is minded to approve it a position unchanged from the original planning application.




39 Lower Westwood

To fell 7 Leylandii trees in Conservation Area

Pending. Note. Trees already substantially felled.

 The Council noted that these trees had already been felled except for the remaining 1.5m approx. of the trunks - and had no comments to send to Wiltshire Council.

 c.         There were no planning applications received after 2 April 2018.

d.         There were no other planning matters raised.


a.         The Clerk reported the current financial position at 9 April 2018 thus:

Lloyds A/C 1643417

Bank Statement

 £       14,964.36


Credits (1  March 2018 to 31 March 2018):

Cemetery Plot R14

 £                          220.00

J Long (Padfield)

 £                             90.00


 £                          234.51

HMRC PAYE Month 11

 £                             99.00


 £                          643.51

Debits (1 March 2018 to 31 March 2018):

Clerk's Salary (February) - Standing Order

 £                          494.65

The Print Centre

 £                             57.03

Telephone Library Group

 £                          250.00

Clerk's Expenses (February)

 £                             13.41

HMRC PAYE Month 11

 £                             99.00

A Wheals (Cheque 1665)

 £                               5.27

A Wheals

 £                               9.55

D Downes

 £                          154.00


 £                       1,082.91

Balance at 31 March 2018

 £                     14,524.96

Credits (1 April 2018 to 9 April 2018):


 £                                   -  


 £                                   -  

Debits (1 April 2018 to 9 April 2018):

Clerk's Salary (March) - Standing Order

 £                          494.65


 £                          494.65

Balance at 9 April 2018

 £                     14,030.31

Lloyds A/C 7573321

Bank Statement

 £                       2,343.06



09/02/2018 (Approx)

 £                               0.09

09/03/2018 (Approx)

 £                               0.08

09/04/2018 (Approx)

 £                               0.07


 £                               0.24



 £                                   -  


 £                                   -  

Balance at 9 April 2018

 £                       2,343.30

National Savings Account (Park Fund)

Balance at 31 December 2017

 £                       6,954.16


Interest 1/1/17 to 31/12/17:

 £                             32.77



 £                                   -  

Balance at 9 April 2018:

 £                       6,986.93

Total Funds at 9 April 2018

 £                     23,360.54

Payments to be authorised 9 April 2018

Clerk's Salary (March 2017) SCP24

 £                          494.65

Clerk's Expenses (March 2018)  (Approx)

 £                               6.33

HMRC PAYE Month 12

 £                             98.80

XYZ Web Ltd

 £                             52.00

D Downes

 £                          620.00


 £                       1,271.78

The Clerk stated that a cheque to the value of £18 had been credited to the Parish Council in respect of the use of the Playing Field.

b.         The Chairman stated that a decision on which bench/table to purchase and its location in Westwood Park would be made at the next meeting.

c.         The Council resolved to make a donation of £125 to the Westwood Parish Room Charity for a permanent land line telephone connection.

d.         The Council resolved to make the payments shown under ‘Payments to be authorised’ on the Financial Statement.


a.         Cllr. J Adcock stated that she had little to report because the Parish Steward had been required for other weather related duties. She confirmed that she had reported the problem with the drain along Lower Westwood Road and the collapsing road near to Iford Fields and had been assured that these issues had been passed to Wiltshire Council Highways Dept. for action

b.         The Council noted the appointment of a Tree Warden (Tree Council) James Crawford and requested that in future any planning applications relating to tree works are passed to him for him to provide comments to the Parish Council.

c.         The Council noted the request from an Avoncliff parishioner for a dog waste bin along the canal towpath. The Council supported this proposal subject to it being agreed with the Avoncliff Community Group and following consideration of the results of the investigation by Cllr. Leeder regarding the preferred method of disposal of such waste.

 Open Spaces.

a.         It was reported that a parishioner had planted daffodil bulbs in the grassed areas of Westwood Park.

b.         Cllr. Phillips reported that he had inspected the Play Equipment and that it was in a satisfactory and safe condition for use. He commented that the Play Area matting may need attention and it was agreed that it would be inspected and the results of the inspection would be presented to the next Parish Council meeting.

c.         The Council noted and agreed the request from the Scarecrow Trail Event Team to hold a BBQ in the park subject to all litter being removed and precautions taken to avoid any damage to the trees and grass.


a.         Cllr. Johnston reported that a number of footpaths in the village are accessed by means of stone steps and in wet or damp weather these steps can become dangerous to use. She cited Path 12 (leading from Lower Westwood Road as an example). Cllr. Adcock stated that she would ask the Parish Steward to investigate a possible solution.

 b.         Cllr. Phillips reported that the bottom step at Path 16 where it joins the Upper Westwood Road was loose.

The Clerk commented that the footpath sign at the start of Path 15 had been missing for a very long time. Cllr. J Adcock replied that she would contact Wiltshire Council, Barbara Burke and request a new sign.

 11.       Bradford on Avon Area Board/Community Area Transport Group (CATG).

Cllr. J Adcock reported that she and Cllr. D Adcock had attended the Area Board meeting on 7 March 2018. Cllr. J Adcock stated that it featured a number of topics relating to the 100 years of female emancipation and that numerous grants had been made to local organisations.

 12.       Neighbourhood Plan.

Cllr. Leeder reported that he had designed a questionnaire to address a number of issues associated with the development of a Neighbourhood Plan and that he had sent it out for comment. He added that he would also include questions regarding the use of Westwood Stores by parishioners.

 13.       Date of Next Meeting.

Councillors noted the date of the next Parish Council Meetings:

  • Ordinary PC Meeting 8 May 2018 at 8pm.
  • The Annual PC Meeting will be held on 8 May 2018 at 7.30pm.
  • The Annual Parish Meeting will be held on 30 April 2018 at 7.30pm.

 14.       Any Other Business.

Exchange of views on matters not requiring a decision.

 General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

The Clerk advised the Council of the pending legislation regarding the General Data Protection Regulations that is to become law on 25 May 2018. He drew the attention of the Council to the comprehensive nature of the legislation, its potential cost impact on the Parish Council and the need to appoint a Data Protection Officer a role he stated that he would be unqualified to undertake. The Clerk added that he had obtained a place at the Wiltshire Council GDPR Briefing meeting on 20 April 2018. Cllr. Cartwright-Hignett stated that she would also be interested in attending that Briefing.

 Annual Parish Meeting.

The Council resolved that light refreshments be served at this meeting assuming an attendance of around forty persons.

Cllr. Leeder stated that he would contact the Headteacher, Westwood with Iford School, and enquire whether representatives would wish to attend and give a short presentation concentrating on the School Radio Project.

The Council noted that presentations on Community Speed Watch, Defibrillator Use (a practical demonstration) and Parish Council achievements and finance were already planned.

 Cllr. Mumford The failure of Great Western Railway (GWR) to maintain the scheduled regular train service at Avoncliff because of unsuitable rolling stock. It was agreed that representations will be made to the MP and to the Wiltshire Council councillor.

 Cllr. Leeder - The missive from a parishioner at Avoncliff regarding High Speed Broadband.

 The meeting concluded at 9.32pm.


Chairman                                                                                                        8 May 2018

Westwood Parish Council


ACTION LIST Meeting 9 April 2018


Action 1 (9/4/18)        Clerk.

To make payments.

 Action 2 (9/4/18)        Clerk.

To write to Wiltshire Council Planning application.

 Action 3 (9/4/18)        Cllr. Phillips.

To send details of proposed bench/table design and prices to the Clerk.

 Action 4 (9/4/18)        Clerk.

To send details of proposed bench/table design and prices to all councillors.

 Action 5 (9/4/18)        Cllr. Phillips and other councillors.

To inspect matting in the Play Area and establish its current condition.

 Action 6 (9/4/18)        Cllr. T Leeder/Clerk.

To make enquiries regarding dog waste and dog waste bins.

 Action 7 (9/4/18)        Cllr. J Adcock.

To inform the Parish Steward re. stone steps.

 Action 8 (9/4/18)        Cllr. T Leeder.

To contact Headteacher, Westwood School - Annual Parish Meeting.

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