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 Minutes of the meeting of Westwood Parish Council held at the Parish Room, Farleigh Lane, Westwood at 7.30pm on Monday 2 September 2019


Cllr. J Bishop   (Chairman)

Cllr. D Adcock

Cllr. J Adcock

Cllr. M Cartwright-Hignett

Cllr. J Johnston

Cllr. T Leeder

Cllr. G Mumford

Cllr. P Phillips

Mr. R Coleman           Clerk

 Wiltshire Council Cllr. J Kidney attended (Part-time).

 There were no members of the public present.

 1.         Welcome and Introductions.

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.  

 2.         Apologies.

The Clerk reminded councillors of the six month absence disqualification rule (as per LGA 1972 s92) and he explained that although the reasons for absence of council members were generally known and accepted by the Council he intended, in future, to formally record the reasons for absence, subject to any privacy restrictions, and whether or not such absences were approved by the Council. The Council resolved that hitherto, reasons given for previous absences by Council members had been accepted and approved – evidenced by the approval of the relevant minutes - even though the details of those absences had not been stated in the minutes.

Apologies for non-attendance were received from PCSO MacLachlan.

 3.         Declaration of Interests.

There were no interests declared.

 4.         Minutes of the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting held on 6 August 2019.

The Council resolved that the minutes of this meeting were a true and accurate record. The Chairman signed the minutes.

 5.         Wiltshire Council Report.

Cllr. Kidney gave a brief report on the following topics:

  •  Planning application 17/08216/VAR – He had submitted comments to Wiltshire Council.
  • There had been a recent armed raid at the Winsley shop –the third such raid.
  • Avoncliff Weir. The condition of this weir was deteriorating – a situation exacerbated by the complex legal ownership issues. He was keen to convene a meeting of interested parties to address the problem and to attempt to find a solution.
  • Staples Hill (Path 20) – the use of this bridleway by cyclists is viewed as a danger by the local residents where it runs alongside and directly in front of their cottages.
  • A new remotely controlled street light has been installed at the Turning Circle – a forerunner of a village-wide installation programme.
  • The ‘Special Schools’ four week formal consultation has commenced.
  • Fly-Tipping remains a problem although the number of successful prosecutions has recently increased.
  • Youth Leisure Facilities – Action has now been taken with the contractor involved to ensure that local villages are now included in the scheme.
  • A Royal United Hospital Council meeting is to be held and Cllr. Kidney is to attend in his role of Wiltshire Council Stakeholder.
  •   The next Bradford on Avon Area Board meeting has been cancelled.
  • Cllr. Kidney attended the CATG meeting held earlier today.

 Cllr. J Adcock commented that a Bradford on Avon Radio Station is soon to start broadcasting.

 Cllr. Kidney stated that he will contact Wiltshire Council in response to concern expressed by councillors regarding a statement from Wiltshire Council that it will not impose Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) on Ash trees because of the possibility of the tree suffering from Ash Die-back disease. Councillors commented that identifying and protecting healthy Ash trees using TPOs would appear a sensible approach.

 6.         Adjournment.

The Chairman adjourned the meeting for members of the public to raise any points of interest. In the absence of any member of the public, the Chairman reconvened the meeting.

 7.         Community Policing Team (CPT).

a.         The Clerk stated that PCSO MacLachlan had contacted him prior to the meeting and commented that there was nothing significant to report except that there had been a car fire in Hebden Road attended by the Emergency Services.

b.         There were no matters raised.

 8.         Community Speed Watch (CSW)/Westwood Road Safety

Cllr. Phillips summarised the main points in the report that had been sent to him from the Chairman of the CSW Team. The full report is shown below (in italics):

 We have just conducted counts over the period of Monday 12th till Saturday 24th August.  Unfortunately the weather and some non-availabilities meant we only managed to do about half our usual counts. 

The hourly rate of vehicles was at an all-time low of just 109 vehicles/hour, the average being 177 vehicles/hour and the next lowest 140 vehicles/hour.  The reasons for this are unclear although it was during the Summer Holidays with the school closed.


 The % of speeders was 6.7% [25-29mph];  2.8% [30+mph] with 9.5% [overall].  This was about the same level as the previous 12-months counts, [25-29mph] being slightly down but [30+mph] being slightly up, maybe a reflection of the lower throughput leading to increased high speeding.


We still await CSW Head Office providing count figures for all of the 101 active schemes within Wiltshire to allow us to determine how we fair in comparison; it’s been over 6-months ago that these were provided.


With regards purchase of a BodyCam the CSW Head Office have said “CSW would not be at liberty to use Body Worn Video Camera.” The statement “not at liberty” is a bit vague and did not match what a PCSO said to us following an incident.  As such we have sought clarification on whether it is “Official Policy” or not that CSW Team Members are “allowed” to wear BodyCam whilst on duty on site.  If it is “Official Police” that we are not “allowed” BodyCam then we will drop the purchase.  If we are allowed to wear them then we will pursue purchase of a commercial unit as we are told that the redundant Police BodyCam are not available for purchase for various reasons. 


End of Report.

 Details of the Wiltshire Council contact for providing the ‘Fixed Plate Camera Pictograms’ for display in the village in order to assist in deterring motorists from speeding were passed to Cllr. Phillips.

 There ensued a  discussion on the use and benefits of using ‘Autospeeding Cameras’ for detecting and recording speeding motorists – as adopted by Community Speed Watch schemes in some Somerset villages, such as Hinton Charterhouse. Cllr. Cartwright-Hignett stated that she would investigate the scheme further and Cllr. Phillips stated that he would pass details of the scheme to the Chairman of the Westwood CSW Team. A question raised was whether or not Wiltshire Police would support the implementation of a similar scheme in Wiltshire and also whether they had the resources to undertake any related data analyses.

The Clerk was asked to put this subject on the Agenda for the next meeting.

 9.         Working Groups – Working Group Reports.


There was nothing significant reported.


a.         The Council noted the status of extant planning applications thus:




9 Ancliff Square

Conversion of Loft Space to form additional bedroom and bathroom.




47 Lower Westwood

Removal of 6 metres of hedge




The Yard, Westwood

Change of use from agricultural (equestrian) to mixed use – equestrian and dog day care facility for maximum 20 dogs


 b.         The Clerk stated that no further planning applications had been received since 27 August 2019

c.         The Clerk stated that there had been an exchange of correspondence between him, on behalf of the Parish Council, and Zurich Municipal Insurance Company regarding ownership of the trees along the western boundary of the Playing Field. He added that he had obtained a copy of the deeds to assist in that task.


a.         The Clerk reported the current financial position at 2 September 2019 thus:


Lloyds A/C 1643417

Bank Statement



NB Cheque 1789 - £111.60 Not Debited

Credits (1 August 2019 to 31 August 2019):


 £                                     111.80

 £                                     111.80

Debits (1 August 2019 to 31 August 2019):

Clerk's Salary (July) - Standing Order

 £                                     558.56

Clerk's Expenses (June)

 £                                          5.00

Clerk's Expenses (July)

 £                                          2.85


 £                                     111.60


 £                                     111.80

Wiltshire Council (Jones' Hill signs)

 £                                     279.00

XYZ Web Ltd

 £                                       65.00

D Downes

 £                                     570.00

B Oliver (CSW)

 £                                       13.50

 £                                  1,717.31

Balance at 31 August 2019


Credits (1 September 2019 to 2 September 2019):


 £                                              -  

 £                                              -  

Debits (1 September 2019 to 2 September 2019):

Clerk's Salary (August) - Standing Order

 £                                     558.56

 £                                     558.56

Balance at 2 September 2019


Lloyds A/C 7573321

Bank Statement

 £                                  2,344.63



09/06/2019 Interest (Approx)

 £                                          0.10

09/07/2019 Interest (Approx)

 £                                          0.10

09/08/2019 Interest (Approx)

 £                                          0.09

 £                                          0.29



 £                                              -  

 £                                              -  

Balance at 2 September 2019

 £                                  2,344.92

National Savings Account (Park Fund)

Balance at 31 December 2018

 £                                  6,986.93


Interest 1/1/18 to 31/12/18:

 £                                       50.67

Transfer from Lloyds A/C 01643417

 £                                10,000.00

 £                                10,050.67



 £                                              -  

Balance at 2 September 2019:

 £                                17,037.60

Total Funds at 2 September 2019

 £                                36,554.99

Payments to be authorised 2 September 2019

Clerk's Salary (September)

 £                                     558.56

(To be paid 1 October 2019)

Clerk's Expenses (August) Approx

 £                                       11.31


 £                                     111.60

Glasdon Ltd (2 x Waste bins)

 £                                     489.10

The Print Centre

 £                                       59.71

PKF Littlejohn

 £                                     240.00

D Downes

 £                                     590.00

 £                                  2,060.28

 b.         The Council noted the comments from PKF Littlejohn (External Auditors) in respect of the AGAR3 (FY 2018/19). The Clerk explained the reason for this comment and commented that monetary transfers between two Parish Council accounts should not be shown as a Payment from one account and a Receipt in the other account. The Clerk accepted that it was his error and noted the PKF Littlejohn comment for future reference.

 c.         The Council resolved to make the payments shown under ‘Payments to be authorised’ above.


a.         Cllr. J Adcock stated that she had nothing to report.

b.         There was no report from the WATCH Group.

Cllr. Kidney had agreed (Agenda item 5) to take up the issue of imposing Tree Preservation Orders on healthy Ash trees with Wiltshire Council in view of the controversy regarding a healthy mature Ash tree that was likely to be felled in Upper Westwood.

c.         The Clerk tabled a Postcard from the K6Uppers Group thanking the Parish Council for the opportunity of refurbishing the Telephone Box at Upper Westwood. Councillors expressed their thanks for the sentiments and were amused by the picture on the Postcard – a number of K6 Telephone Boxes.

 Councillors noted the intention of the West Wilts Motor Club to hold Trials in Becky Addy Wood on 6 October 2019 and commented that Wiltshire Council, and others, have been made fully aware of the possible environmental damage that may result from the Trials and that Wiltshire Council is now taking the matter seriously in view of the various environmental protections that apply to that location.

 Open Spaces.

a.         Cllr. Phillips stated that the Annual Inspection of the Play area by RoSPA is due to take place soon. He added that two fence slats were missing and that he would make enquiries to attempt to obtain replacements.

b.         The Clerk reported that the lock on the Nursery School Noticeboard had broken and he was seeking a replacement.

The Clerk was requested to ask Mr Downes to cut back the vegetation obscuring the Westwood Park sign opposite to the Nursery School.

The Clerk reported that he had been informed that there is no longer a Westwood Football Team and that the Football Club Storage Hut at the Playing Field had been vandalised and badly damaged and that the football kit stored in the hut had been thrown over the Football Pitch.


a.         Cllr. Johnston stated that there were trees down on Paths 23 and 25 and indicated their exact location on the Westwood Map. The Clerk stated that he would inform the Footpath Warden.

b.         There were no other matters reported.

 10. Youth Leisure Facilities.

Cllr. Cartwright-Hignett reported that she had investigated the nature of the contract to provide Leisure facilities for youngsters and the lack of any such facilities in the villages, such as Westwood and she had made contact with the contractor involved. She added that she was awaiting a reply from the contractor.

 11.       Bradford on Avon Area Board/Community Area Transport Group (CATG).

Cllr. Mumford stated that he attended the CATG Meeting but there was nothing specific to Westwood raised. He gave a brief report of proceedings of the CATG meeting.

 12.       Neighbourhood Plan.

Cllr. Leeder reported that he is awaiting a reply from Troy Neighbourhood Planning Consultancy regarding

 support they can give to the Parish Council in developing a Neighbourhood Plan subject it to it being grant funded. He added that he is in the process of analysing the questionnaires received and he gave a brief overview of the results emerging from his analysis to date.

 13.       Date of Next Meeting.

Councillors noted the dates of the forthcoming Ordinary Parish Council Meetings:

  • Ordinary Parish Council Meeting – Monday 7 October 2019.
  • Ordinary Parish Council Meeting – Monday 4 November 2019.
  • Ordinary Parish Council Meeting – Monday 2 December 2019.

 14.       Any Other Business.

Exchange of views on matters not requiring a decision.

 The Chairman noted that no-one wished to attend the New Councillor Training Course to be held at Keevil.

 The meeting concluded at 9.20pm

 Chairman                                                                                                        7 October 2019

Westwood Parish Council  

ACTION LIST – Meeting 2 September 2019

  Action 1 (2/9/19)        Clerk.

To contact Mr Downes – Westwood Park sign – Cut back vegetation.

 Action 2 (2/9/19)        Clerk.

To make payments.

 Action 3 (2/9/19)        Cllrs. Cartwright-Hignett/Phillips.

To investigate the use of ‘Autospeeding Cameras’ in Wiltshire.

 Action 4 (2/9/19)        Clerk.

To contact Footpath Warden – Paths 23 &25 (trees down).

 Action 5 (2/9/19)        Clerk.

To obtain new Noticeboard lock.

 Action 4 (2/9/19)        Cllr. Phillips

To obtain new slats for the Play Area fence.

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