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Westwood Bells

Westwood bells have been ringing out for forty years now.  The tower has had its ups and downs, but currently there is a stable band of ringers who are doing well.  Not only can we cover Sunday services, but we are also winning competitions.

BUT we do need new blood from the village, so if you are a lapsed or would-be ringer, we’d love to see you.  Practice is 7.30 to 9 pm on Thursdays, and you will be welcome.  We are hoping to have an Open Tower at the fete on July 13th, so see you there if you can’t make a Thursday.

All enquiries to Sue Lindsey 01225 863503 or

Article published: 29 Jul 2019

Westwood Football Club update

The season has now finished and the players can take a well deserved rest knowing they came a credible 7th in the Bath Sunday League, and who knows what they would have achieved had some of their key players avoided injury and other commitments, but the management team can now look forward to planning for next season.

Article published: 27 May 2019

Westwood Football Club update

A couple of spirited performances from the boys saw them pick up valuable points which currently sees them in 5th position in the Bath and District Sunday league ( as from 8th March), and with only a few games remaining it will be interesting to see in what position they will finally sit.

Article published: 24 Mar 2019

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Services:  for recycling visit Wiltshire Councty Council:  Recycling and waste collection

Westwood Church Fete

Manor with a band to keep us all entertained. There will be the usual stalls, plus some new and different ones, a raffle, delicious teas and cakes and a variety of sideshows. Please come along, have some fun and support your local Church. Your Church Needs You!

Safari Supper 2020

This is a fun event set up over 20yrs ago to raise money for the church. More info at  under ‘Events’

Please help make this year’s Supper a great success, by joining  us and meeting old friends and new from the village.On Saturday 13th June, we kick off with starters at 7pm.  It is open to residents of Westwood, Avoncliff, Iford and Staples Hill.

Please return completed form to Jane Mitchell (867322) at 32 Bobbin Lane  WITH PAYMENT by 31st  MAY . I will make every effort to give hosts their 1st preference of courses, but not everyone can do starters!!  Please be prepared to be flexible






Would you like to come as a GUEST?                          (If yes, please enclose £25 per person)

Would you like to host a course?                                 (If yes, please enclose £10 per couple)

Please put your order of preference of course you would like to cook (1st ,2nd  and 3rd)

Starter                                  Main                                 Dessert

Dietary or other special requirements

Article published: 23 Mar 2020

Scarecrow fun!

This year’s Westwood Scarecrow Trail will run from Saturday 23 May to Sunday 31 May 2020.  It’s a fun-filled half term event for all the family and raises much needed funds for Westwood with Iford School.  If you want to see what we got up to last year, please visit:

At time of publishing, we are just deciding this year’s theme.  Look out for posters around the village and follow us on facebook, twitter or Instagram for all this year’s scarecrow news.  We need you!  If you would like to make or host a scarecrow, bake cakes, donate a prize or generally help and support the trail, please email us at  Thank you so much for all your support.    

Quiz Night

There will be a family fun Quiz Night on Friday 15th May in the Parish Rooms commencing at 7.00 pm.

The evening will include a tasty hot dog supper with extras (veggie option will be available), a raffle and prizes for the winning team. Please bring your own drinks.

Entry fee will be £10 per person but £5 for any team member under the age of 18.

Teams of up to 6 people are invited to join in the fun. There will be a limit of 7 teams.

The evening is being run as a fund raising activity for Westwood Church so please, get a team together, join in the fun and help support our Church.

Please let Sally Streeter know if you would like to enter a team. Email

Skittles Night

Westwood Church will also be running a skittles night on 11th September as a further fund raising event so, please make a note of the date and watch out for details in due course.

Article published: 23 Mar 2020

A reminder from the Parish Council

The Parish Council would like to remind those landowners who have hedges abutting the pavements and roads that they have a duty to keep them well maintained. This is a good time to do any work, before the birds start nesting.

Wiltshire guidelines state that “growth of hedges should not prevent the passage or affect the safety of the highway user including cyclists and pedestrians. Where roadside growth is a problem the council may serve notice on the owner/occupier requiring necessary work to be completed in a stated period. Failure to comply may result in the council undertaking the work and claiming back the cost incurred.”

It is for the benefit of all villagers that that the highways and pavements are safe and pleasant areas on which to drive and walk.

Article published: 25 Jan 2020

Update from 15th Bath (Freshford) Scouts

As we start a new year of scouting, we are looking forward to a series of four camping adventures once the weather turns a little warmer.
    We will start with an overnight camp in March. We’ll sleep in a hut to ‘shake out’ and get used to being away. In May we’ll join an Avon Scouts Jamboree where we will sleep under canvas and join in a multitude of activities, alongside many other groups from across the region. In June we’ll experience our own first annual weekend camp, learning lots of practical skills whilst having fun. And later in the summer holidays, the scouts will take on the challenge of a longer camp requiring greater self-reliance and initiative.
    These events are sure to be an absolute highlight for our beavers, cubs and scouts. Not only will they experience a huge sense of adventure, but they’ll be able to put into practice many of the capabilities they’re honing each week. And all of this well away from any interference by their parents!

As a group, we are thrilled to be able to offer such an exciting programme for 2020. Since becoming re-established only about 3 years ago, we have built up steadily in terms of our numbers and ambitions. It’s all credit to our wonderful leaders that we are now in a position to offer these events. It’s also thanks to the generous grant from the Freshford and Limpley Stoke Community Association (FLiSCA) that we will have some new patrol tents to house us.
   One consequence of our growth is that we desperately need more helping hands to support us each week. Whilst we welcome ad hoc support, we also need a committed Cub co-leader to run our weekly meetings. Might this be for you? If so, you will be well supported by our experienced team, not to mention the wealth of resources provided by the Scouting movement. Please contact Sam Lascelles ( to find out more. 

Article published: 25 Jan 2020

News from 15th Bath (Freshford) Scouts

The 15th Bath (Freshford) Scouts group was re-launched after a long absence three years ago, in part due to a national initiative to launch new scout groups. We have grown rapidly and are thriving at each level: Beavers, Cubs and Scouts. There are even waiting lists now for the Beavers and Cubs! 

With our expanding numbers, we are becoming more ambitious about the experiences we want to offer. We plan to run a full summer camp in 2020 - the highlight of any scouting year - to put into practice many of the skills the youngsters are learning on Thursday evenings.

To do even more, we require volunteers and funds! We welcome volunteers with a bit of time and energy to spare. You might have an interesting skill to teach one evening, or be keen to help supervise groups as they undertake a variety tasks each week. It’s a fun way to connect with young people and to give back to the community. 

We also welcome donations, large or small. We have very limited stores and would love to be more self-sufficient, particularly for our forthcoming camp.

Thanks to the very generous grant made by FLiSCA (Freshford and Limpley Stoke Community Association) last month, we are able to buy two patrol tents and a bespoke unit flag. We are incredibly grateful for this award, and really look forward to embarking on our first expedition under canvas and to flying our flag. These community grants are generated from profits made in Freshford’s Galleries shop and cafe. So anybody spending money there has helped us, indirectly. Thank you all and please continue to shop there!  

If you would like to volunteer your time, offer a donation or enquire about membership for 6-14-year olds, please contact Sam Lascelles:

Article published: 23 Nov 2019

Thank you from Westwood Scarecrows

Please can we say a huge thank you to everyone who supported the Numbers scarecrow trail - our wonderful scarecrow makers, everyone who baked cakes and sold maps, and all of you who came along to the trail and to our BBQ? 

We raised £2,560 which will be split equally between Westwood School and Westwood Nursery - it’s a fantastic amount to be able to buy new equipment and resources for our local children. 

Many thanks also to Westwood Shop, The New Inn, Iford Manor, The Parish Rooms, Number 10 Tea Gardens and the Social Club who all supported us by selling maps and providing prizes and parking - we are really grateful. 

If you would like to know the answers, you can find them now at

Thanks again and look forward to next year!

Lilly, Bryony, Helen, Jo, Vicky, Rachel & Kay

The Scarecrow Group

Article published: 29 Sep 2019

News from 15th Bath (Freshford) Scouts

With an exciting programme ahead, we’re on the lookout for some teen/adult support to help our beavers, cubs and scouts get the most out of scouting. You don’t need to have prior scouting experience, but we do ask for a good sense of fun and plenty of energy!

We welcome adults of any age, but this may appeal in particular to youngsters looking to boost their CV, gain some community experience or work towards their DofE award.

We’re also keen to appoint a Quartermaster to take care of our stores. It’s not an onerous task, but may be rewarding for anyone with a little time to spare.

Yours in scouting,

Sam Lascelles

Article published: 29 Sep 2019

News from 15th Bath (Freshford) Scouts

Ask any cub or scout what the highlight of their year was and many, without hesitating, will say it was the camp. Sleeping outside, learning new skills and adventuring after dark are just some of the reasons they will give.

Our cubs and scouts were delighted by the opportunity to camp in the marquee following last month’s Hinton Charterhouse fete. They spent the evening learning how to spot wildlife, setting camera traps and using bat detectors. They might have been just down the road but, in terms of experience, they were many miles away!

For more information about joining the beavers/cubs/scouts or for volunteering to help the group, please email

Article published: 29 Jul 2019

The 15th Bath (Freshford) Scouts need you!

Are you a parent, grandparent, former scout, or want to give back to the local community? We need enthusiastic volunteers for the following posts:

Camp committee members

We would like to establish a committee of volunteers who can spare some time over the next few months to plan a local weekend cubs camp. You’ll get to come camping too!

Beaver Leader

Our wonderful Beaver Colony Leader is stepping down, so we need a new leader. We provide training, help and flexible rotas  we just need a willing volunteer to continue the success of this thriving colony.


We are also looking for a successor to our current Group Treasurer. The role involves repaying leaders for expenses incurred and an annual audit of accounts. It can all be done online in the comfort of your home! No financial experience is necessary.

We’ve built up a fantastic group of beavers, cubs and scouts, and we’re proud to provide our local young people with the opportunities scouting offers. But we rely on the generosity of volunteers to keep going.  If you can help, please get in touch with our Group Scout Leader Sam Lascelles (

Article published: 16 Feb 2019

Neighbourhood Plan Update and Questionnaire

The creation of a Neighbourhood Plan (NP) for the Parish was initiated by Westwood Parish Council which delegated the process of drafting a plan to the Parishioners of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group (NPSG).

Westwood Parish Council (WPC) would like to thank the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group (NPSG) and other members of the community that have contributed to the creation of the Neighbourhood Plan. It is an impressive document and, in excess of one hundred pages and containing some exciting ideas for the Parish - WPC would like to keep as much of this good work as possible and plans to publish a draft soon.

Please continue to read this update from the link on the left hand column and note that the questionnaire which was delivered with the Westwood Update needs to be handed in to the Parish Room.

Article published: 31 Jan 2019

We asked for BALSAM to BE GONE and it was done!

BALSAM BE GONE thanks our local communities for the help given on three Sundays in June to control the destructive Himalayan Balsam on the banks of the rivers Avon and Frome.

Himalayan Balsam is a pernicious alien plant that has invaded the paths and banks of our local rivers. We found it was particularly prevalent where the ground had been disturbed laying the new path between Tess’ gate and Westwood, and around willow trees on the banks of both rivers.  However, the heroic effort of the Balsam Begonners has put paid to its spread, and one person in particular (you know who you are!) went beyond the call of duty, turning up on all three Sundays and suffering stings from nettles and bees in their fearless quest to destroy the weed. We extend a special thanks to this intrepid Begonner, and to everyone else for their help and support. BUT … a few plants may have escaped; so when you’re walking along the banks of the rivers please continue to pull them out!

Thanks to FLiSCA, FLEWG, The Inn at Freshford and The Cross Guns for their support.

Article published: 29 Jul 2018
  Mobile Library

The original article was published in 2015. I have not had an update and suspect that contact details are not up to date. For the time being I have included a link which is up to date.

WCC website

Article published: 23 Aug 2017

The Avoncliff to Freshford Footpath is it to be lost into the River Avon?


Due to the current economic climate Wiltshire Council continues to cut back on services.  One area is the Rights of Way Department, which is responsible for ensuring the maintenance of our local footpaths.  Their maintenance budget has been withdrawn for the balance of this financial year and they are now authorised only to effect emergency repairs to footpaths in the County.  Between Westwood and Freshford there is a good example of a footpath which may soon be lost to us unless some serious maintenance work is done.


During the last year the Ramblers Association’s West Wiltshire Ramblers Group drew the attention of Westwood Parish Council to the condition of the Avoncliff to Freshford footpath.  This well used path has been deteriorating for several years.  The Westwood end of the path, adjoining the boundary with Freshford, is extremely muddy and slippery.  Because of the danger of slipping into the river we have suggested that this part be moved higher to the edge of the woods and, therefore, away from the edge of the River Avon.  A causeway made from sleepers or stepping-stones might solve the problem.  It is believed that the Rights of Way Department can find a solution but it will require financial resources. 


Freshford’s section of the path is considerably worse.  The bank probably requires reinforcing and the drainage improving.  There is evidence of a former metaled track slightly higher up the bank.  Perhaps this could be reinstated? Bath & North East Somerset’s Rights of Way Department has advised us that they will be taking up the footpath’s problems in their 2015/16 budget. This is encouraging but it needs support at the Westwood end from Wiltshire Council.


It behoves all that use the Avoncliff to Freshford path to make sure that Wiltshire Council and B&NES find the resources to do the necessary work. Paths should not be seen as luxuries.  The rights of way network provides vital links for local communities and allows people to access the countryside to exercise, relax and encounter nature.  Not only does walking generate vital income in rural areas, it is the closest thing to perfect physical activity and is a free, easy, effective and accessible way of achieving the recommended 150 minutes a week of moderate activity. 


I suggest that all users ensure that their local Councillors are made aware of the Avoncliff to Freshford path, and the need to rectify its problems.


Brian Micklam, Footpaths Secretary, West Wilts Ramblers Group.



The worst part of the Avoncliff to Freshford footpath just inside Westwood Parish. At least this part of the footpath is not narrow which poses the danger of slipping into the river


Walkers have been using the adjoining land to bypass the mire and have removed the lower barbed wire from the stock fence to rejoin the field. A gate here would be useful given the landowners consent to encroach on the land when the usual route is unpassable [ Editor's suggestion]


Freshford side of the parish boundary. An extensive slippery narrow part of the footpath with no effective fence.


The Freshford side of the parish boundary. The footpath has no effective fence. The path is narrow and slippery.

Article published: 10 Jan 2015

Wiltshire Good Neighbours

Helping people to live in their own homes for longer.
A little bit of help at the right time can make a lot of difference
I'm sure many of you have heard of the Good Neighbour Scheme; it has now been running in WIngfield and Westood for nearly 18 months. But for those of you who haven't, the Good Neighbour Scheme is a free and confidential service, which provides information and directs older residents in the villages around Bradford-on-Avon to the excellent services and organisations that are available to them.
Sometimes it's hard to find where to go to get the best information about the different services that are available, so that's where the Good Neighbour Scheme comes in. I can provide you or your friends or neighbours with information about any and every service available to help older people to live more independent and fulfilling lives.
During the last 18 months the Good Neighbour Scheme has helped many older residents in the area. These residents have received a variety of different support to help them to stay living independently in their own homes. This support has included information and / or referrals made to organisations which provide:
    Transport to hospital / medical appointments;
    Food shopping delivered to your home;
    Gardening services;
    Cleaning service (including help with changing bedding /laundry / ironing etc.,);
    Sitting services for carers;
    People to do odd jobs around the home;
    Social Activities in the local areas.    A local person to call in for a chat and cup of tea.
So if you think the Good Neighbour Scheme can help you or someone you know, or if you
have any questions about the service, do please feel free to ring for a chat or to arrange a home
Caroline Metz on: 07557 922031 or

Article published: 31 Jul 2013

Bradford on Avon & district LINK

Many of your readers may not be aware that there is a small army of dedicated
volunteers in our district working for the good neighbour charity known as LINK.

LINK aims to provide the sort of help you would normally expect from a friend, family
member or neighbour.

LINK is all of us, anybody who at any time may need a helping hand or anybody who
may have time to spare and the ability to offer such help.

LINK is most often asked for help with transport to doctors, opticians, dentists,
hospital, day centres, and clubs or to visit friends and family. Also for practical needs,
collecting prescriptions, shopping, changing library books, simple domestic tasks or
providing company and conversation.

LINK is a registered charity staffed by all sections of the community. Volunteers
contribute according to their interests and abilities.

LINK is a free service but volunteers are refunded their out- of-pocket expenses and
the scheme relies on donations from users to meet such costs.

At the moment Bradford LINK fulfils a vital role in our community. We carry out an
average of 60 such neighbourhood tasks per week.

If you think we can help ring, 07957 367124.   We can be contacted 24 hours a day,
seven days a week. Our friendly Co-ordinators operate the phone between 9.30am and
4.30pm Monday to Friday. But outside of these hours you can leave a message with
our answering service. The most important thing, however, is to leave your name and
telephone number and the Co-ordinator will call back at the first opportunity. 07957 367124

We are always looking for new volunteers so if you would like to help our community we would be very pleased to hear from you. WWW.

Article published: 28 Mar 2013



A defibrillator is now located at Westwood Social Club  BA15 2AP  01225 862 187 and also at the car park in Avoncliff.

Article published: 27 Mar 2017

Bradford on Avon and District Link (including Westwood)

 Do you have a problem getting to a hospital or doctor’s appointment, shopping or just visiting a friend or lunch club?  Link is a Good Neighbour Volunteer Service that aims to support those who need a little help to maintain their independence and quality of life.  We have a team of volunteer drivers who will take you where you need to go and will wait for you until you’re ready to come home.  We don’t charge for our time, but rely on clients’ donations to cover our drivers’ costs.  If you need our help please ring LINK on 07957 367124.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Article published: 22 Nov 2016
  Westwood Update copy deadlines 2020

Please note that the Westwood Update is published bimonthly, every other month. (yes I know that this could mean twice a month, hence the "every other". It would be easier if it was every month!  Copy needs to be submitted the month before the issue. Deadlines for receipt of copy for 2020 are listed below:

1. Feb/mar Mon 13th January
2. Apr/May  Mon 9th March
3. Jun/Jul  Mon 11th May
4. Aug.Sep  Mon13th July
5. Oct/Nov  Mon 14th Sept
6. Dec/Jan 2018-19  Mon 9th Nov

Please note that if you do not have any news to report to contact me and that all contributions will be acknowledged. If you do not receive an acknowledgement I have not received your copy - please send it again.

Thank you   Geoff Edwards   Editor Westwood Update and website

Publication Advice.

Article published: 17 Mar 2016

Article published: 05 Jul 2014