Community Speed Watch (CSW) 26

The Parish Rooms refurbishment may well lead to an increase in villagers walking there to visit and partake of afternoon tea or other events. The importance of road safety along the "virtual pavement" between the turning to Upper Westwood and the New Inn is obviously important.  Whilst there have been no fatalities, we hear from numerous pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders that speeding drivers create 'near accidents' in this area, not to mention other areas within the village.  The Community Speedwatch team is playing its part in ensuring that drivers are aware of their speed throughout the village. Statistics derived from 4 years of operation show that the number of drivers travelling over the speed limit has reduced over time.  If you feel vulnerable while out and about in the village or just want to help keep the village safe, please feel free to join the team.  

Members of the team went out on four occasions between 19th and 30th June for a total of 5 hrs that included morning and afternoon periods. 975 vehicles were monitored of which 61 (6.3%) were speeding at 25mph of which 1.85% were speeding at 30mph or more. These values are at the lower end of the range and continue to reflect the gradual reduction in recorded speeding.

Alan Wheals (Parish Councillor and CSW Coordinator)

Article published: 02 Aug 2017

Community Speed Watch (CSW) 25

CSW was undertaken during the period 24th April until 5th May 2017. CSW teams went out on five separate days that included morning, lunchtime and evening periods.  Vehicle speeds were monitored for a total of 6.5hrs using 5 of the 6 sites available to us. A total of 1237 vehicles were counted of which 103 were speeding (25mph or more) including 22 that were speeding excessively (30mph or more). The latter group can expect a letter or a visit from the police. The percentage of speeding vehicles was 8.3%. This is close to the average percentage we have seen over the last 5 monitoring periods and lower than the long term average seen up to mid-2016.


Alan Wheals, Team Leader for Westwood CSW

Article published: 24 May 2017

Westwood Community Speedwatch (CSW)

The period covered by CSW 24 included the end of February and the beginning of March. By then day length had increased sufficiently for the teams to start early (7.30am) and end late (6.00pm) if they so wished.

We were lucky with the weather and so only a few planned sessions had to be cancelled. A total of 1199 vehicles were monitored of which exactly 100 (8.34%) were speeding (25mph or more) including 18 who were speeding excessively (30mph or 50% above the speed limit).

Until recently the percentage of speeders has consistently been 9% or more since CSW started at the beginning of 2014. For the fourth time in a row the value has been less than this and as low as 6.5% and not more than 8.3% (based on counts of over 4200 vehicles). We will continue to monitor road speeds to see whether this change in driver behaviour is a statistical anomaly or is real.

If anyone in the village would like to help by joining the team, you would be invited to attend a training session run by Wiltshire Police at HQ in Devizes. They hold regular evening and/or Saturday morning sessions throughout the year. If you have any queries I can be contacte
Article published: 26 Mar 2017

Community Speed Watch (CSW)

The team conducted CSW along the Lower Westwood Road in September. It was badly affected by rain and only four days could be used. 930 vehicles were monitored and this included 60 speeders (6.5% of the total) of which 18 were excessive speeders (1.9% of the total).  These values are significantly lower than the normal fraction of speeders which is usually 9% or more. It remains to be seen whether this is a temporary anomaly or a more permanent effect!

At the time of writing the team are conducting the 22nd session of CSW since it first started in February 2014. A member of the village has expressed interest in joining the team and helping to keep the village safe. New members get trained by the police at Devizes HQ during an evening or a Saturday morning. If you wish to learn more about what this entails please contact me at the address below - without any obligation.

Alan Wheals (CSW Coordinator).

Article published: 22 Nov 2016

Community Speed Watch (CSW)

The CSW team monitored vehicle speeds along the Lower Westwood Road for 7.5 hours spread over the first two weeks of August. Of the 1119 vehicles recorded, 107 were speeding (9.6% of the total) with 34 of those (3% of the total) travelling at 30 mph, which is 50% above the speed limit.

Until now the team has been restricted to just two weeks of measuring vehicle speeds when they had access to a laser speed monitoring device (“speed gun”). This has now changed and the team now have access to a speed gun for a 4-week period. This will enable the team to monitor speeds over a longer period and may mean that when a monitoring session gets “rained off” the team can return when the weather improves.

There are over 110 teams in Wiltshire using speed guns. If any members of the village, especially newcomers, are interested in knowing more about joining the team and helping to keep the village safe, please contact me at the address below without any obligation.

Alan Wheals (; 19/9/2016

Article published: 27 Sep 2016

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