Westwood Community Speedwatch Report. Jul 2021

We were in 2 minds whether to deploy as Freshford was closed for our 1st week and Westwood restricted then closed during our 2nd week. However, both the vehicle throughput and % of speeders was as high as ever.

Our only previous count this year in April/May provided us with the worst % speeders since we commenced in 2014 and this count provided virtually the same figures with 19.2% speeding of whom 13.3% were in the band of 25-29mph and 5.9% in the band of 30mph; the fastest @ twice the speed limit.

We had a Police presence on one count and they deployed their enforcement alongside us and issued enforcement notices and gave warnings as appropriate.

Chatting to the Police on site, they are conscious that post Covid’s initial lockdown speeding has become an increased problem, so we expect their presence may well be stepped up during future counts

Brian Oliver

Westwood CSW Team Leader

Article published: 02 Aug 2021

Westwood Community Speedwatch Report.

 We resumed our counting in Westwood on 29th March and the results for the week are disappointing having recorded the highest ever % of speeding traffic since we commenced in 2014. 

 Of the 473 vehicles counted; 91 (19.2%) were speeding, 12.6% in the band of 25-29mph and 6.6% in the band of 30mph and above with the fastest @ twice the speed limit.

 Although we will have to await the Wiltshire-wide data; I expect Westwood to be amongst the highest % speeding locations, if not the highest. 

 This data supports the need for Traffic Calming measures for Westwood that are under consideration by Wiltshire Council and Westwood Parish Council.

Brian Oliver

Westwood CSW Team Leader

Article published: 04 Apr 2021

Commmunity Speed Watch

The Police have notified us that they are looking to reinstate our Community Speed Watch Schemes under the Covid-19 Road Map Step 1 - 29th March 2021.  We will hopefully resume our counting in Westwood from that date. 

 The Police have also advised us that Road Safety is really increasing on the agenda, both locally and nationally at the moment and there will be further advancements in Wiltshire Police’s commitment to this area over the next 12 months, including the introduction of a CSW Enforcement Officer to provide some assistance in our approach to speed enforcement.

Brian Oliver

Westwood CSW Team Leader

Article published: 01 Mar 2021

February 2021 Speed Watch

CSW counting should have commenced today 1st February) however CSW within Wiltshire has been suspended by the Police during the Covid-19 Lock-down.  We will resume when authorised to do so.  Casual observations indicate that speeding within Westwood remains high.

Brian Oliver

Westwood CSW Team Leader

Article published: 02 Feb 2021

 Westwood Speedwatch

 The CSW Team commenced counting again on the week of 17th August.  Sessions have been somewhat curtailed due to rain; however the counts that have taken place to date indicate an increase in speeding from the pre-lockdown figures.  Wiltshire Constabulary recognises this and is stepping up their presence at CSW Counts bringing enforcement powers into play.

 Westwood consistently appears as one of the worst locations for speeding within the County.

 Our 1st count outside The New Inn recorded 22% speeding, 13% at 25-29mph and 9% at 30+mph.  This was much higher than average at that site of 16%, 11% and 5% respectively. 

 Post Covid-19 cycling & walking have increased, Westwood also has significant equestrian traffic.  Their safety is paramount to what we are trying to achieve.

Brian Oliver

Westwood CSW Team Leader

Article published: 25 Aug 2020

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